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Zmash is the first influencer network focused on Employer Branding. We connect employers with talent`s through the voice of Influencers. Talent listens to talent and Zmash enables this through social media.

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We have 150+ influencers ready to promote your brand through their social media networks

Create an experience around your employer brand that makes an impression by being delivered from talent influencers to reach talents.

Fanny Nord

Student, KTH


Shima Dehvari

Student, KTH


Reach talented students at leading universities

We know that the talent of today listen to other talent when they make their choice on future careers. They don't look at ranking or general advertising so therefore employers have a great opportunity to leverage the largest channel, social media in combination with influencers, to be top of mind at leading universities.

100 000+

network of students per campaign


of female tech students in Sweden are following our influencers

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Why influencer marketing?

11x higher ROI

When influencers deliver a message compared to traditional advertising

Leverage existing relationships

71% of consumers make their decisions based on people they have a connection with

Get through the ad-blockers

50% of 18-24 year olds use ad-blockers which is a great challenge when using display advertising

Measure and analyze

Social media, is unique as communication channel since it is measurable and enables better insights into content performance

We have Talent influencers, both students and young professionals, that reach talents beyond the access of employers using their social media networks. The most effective marketing is the one we get from someone we look up to, someone we trust, and someone we follow.

  • 25% build apps or are founders of Start-ups
  • 95% have presence on more then 3 social media channels
  • 70% are women
  • 95% of our talents are more specialists then generalists

Content that is attractive to talents

  • Start-ups
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Social impact
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation in products
  • Leadership
  • Modern workplace

How it works

We at Zmash recruits our influencers like companies do their own recruitment and we match their experiences and network with the passive candidates that employers want to reach


We match our influencers with the desired target group that employers cant reach today


We co-create a story with our influencers on interesting topics that we know will break through


We publish a serie of social post from the influencers own channels that will be viewed exactly infront of the audience


We measure the engagement and optimize the publishing through out the campaign to maximize awareness

Data Analytics

We deliver a full scale report including engagement, list of potential candidates, topic and content analysis

How we do it

We at Zmash are experts in influencer marketing and employer branding and our new innovative way of delivering a message in front of passive candidates make talents that would not consider your brand as employer, rethink. We know what works and that is not to talk about obvious things instead we create a story with our influencers based on sessions with you where we high light projects, people and the real stuff behind your corporate wall. That is what will make a difference.

The results

We at Zmash believes in taking campaign reporting to the next level and we deliver a real-time based dashboard where our clients can monitor everything from social post, conversations, engagement and web analytics. We also combine this ongoing Dashboard with a full report at the end of the campaign where we analyze what content and channel worked the best as well as where in terms of roles and industries did the message break through

  • Awareness among passive candidates
  • Total Reach based on influencer and post
  • Channel and Content analysis
  • Summary of who viewed the post including job titles and companies
  • List of potential candidates
  • Engagement, clicks, shares and likes

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